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IEP Session Plan

Rootin provides a quick and easy lesson plan template  for every care provider to set and document what lessons they plan for each day. Parents are now able to collaboratively suggest and set up long term and short term goals with the professionals to achieve meaningful milestones for their Autistic child’s.

Digital Data Recording

A shared repository where both therapists and parents can contribute and record child’s progress during therapy sessions. A shift from mainstream analog to digital that ensures safekeeping on cloud storage and eases handover process.

Bite-sized Video Models

Autistic children can now extend learning beyond the classroom with empowered parents by their side. Rootin provides a step-by-step video of therapy reinforcement where parents can mirror and imitate teaching skills to their child. Parents can be assigned to only selected skills to reinforce by the care providers, making it easy for parents to adopt and implement.

Schedule Task Reminder

Visualized reminder for parents to do specified given tasks by therapists to work on long and short term goals based on own set of scheduling. Minimizing the need for therapists to personally remind parents to carry out home reinforcement.

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