Our Services

We focus our business on these four core activities

Rootin App

Available for both early intervention organizations or therapists and parents with neurodivergent children. Rootin is a digital tool developed to bridge the gap between educators and parents of children with learning differences. Among the important features are bite-sized video models, session scheduling and a child’s journal.

Therapists Training

Educators are the most valuable part of supporting a neurodivergent child’s education journey. By supporting and giving them the latest evidence-based approaches and training, they are able to confidently educate and support the children and their families.

Child Assessment

As an organization working with neurodivergent children, we provide reliable and efficient child assessment for parents to understand their child’s needs and help them to support the child’s early intervention and development.

Parents Workshop

Sometimes all parents need is the push to believe that they too, play a pivotal role in the child’s journey. We deliver parent education workshops and provide support groups for them to get the right knowledge and information and not be lost in their way to provide continuous home reinforcement.

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